Developing Perspective

At this stage you will have defined what competencies are needed, and how they will be deployed most effectively. You understand the dynamic competencies of your team, and how effectively this structure integrates for best, more efficient and synergistic outcomes.

These elements will include the:

  • Identification of your firm’s core capabilities;
  • Identification of those core competencies that need to be built;
  • Required technical support competencies, and the
  • Required organizational structure and linkages across the different capabilities.

You should now have enough information to be able to develop key perspectives and to reaffirm and/or adjust elements of your Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose to more closely reflect your direction. It is now time to begin making strategic choices, which will drive your organizational design toward success.

Although the sections can be addressed as stand-alone, the next sequential step is “Strategic Choices & Alignment”.