Financing Strategies: 

> Ensuring that your business or organization is financial sustainable is a requirement that must be ensured. Potential investors, creditors, and opportunities for growth must all depend on the outlook of financial strategy/sustainability. 

> Content will include methods of formulating financial strategies, methods of making an organizational financial sustainable, and structure required to make them financial sustainable. 


> The power of money can be proven to be unlimited through financial investments. Understanding risk management, types of investments, and returns are all key areas that investors must understand to be successful in their ventures.

> Content will include various types of investment models in Canada, risks associated with these risks, returns associated with these risks, and managing portfolio risk to ensure minimum loss. 

Revenue Models:

> Revenue models are extremely important tools in commercializing new products and technologies. "The revenue model and pricing you choose will impact marketing decisions as well as customer service decisions, and ultimately the viability of your overall business model."

> Content includes explanation of revenue models, how to formulate revenue models, and methods of effectively integrating revenue models to your business or organization. 



Developing Financial Strategy 

Investments at a Glance

MaRs: Revenue Models