Implementing Strategy Evaluating Process

In its entirety, the implementation strategy it is a highly confidential internal operations document that sets out the decision, tactics, and resources (human, financial, technical, etc.) that are required, and demonstrates how they will effectively integrate and align to reach the stated strategic objectives. It guides the entire operational team, and is the document, from which reports are written, issued and adjustments made to successfully realize established objectives. It becomes the “living” document, referred to frequently for progress evaluations, and adjustments.

“A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself”

It is through the implementation plan that policies, management systems, and organizational structures are designed to support the strategy. Regular progress reports on major initiatives, with operating variances highlighted help keep the implementation plan top of mind. Once major initiatives are completed, a review and written report on the projects are recommended, including reports on operating and financial performance.

Evaluating the progress of the implementation plan, as well as undertaking mini environmental scans quarterly will assist in maintaining a learning, nimble organization that has a greater competitive advantage.

Of great importance is for the leader to set a tone at the top that the organization builds a culture of performance, adaptation and learning. This culture will survive under conditions of market challenges, and thrive in emerging market opportunities. It will be a firm that seeks to be great, and prides itself from being the best.