Applying to the Program

Step 1:

Select and complete the correct form from the options below.

Step 2:

Once your form is completed, save it as a PDF.

Step 3:

Email it as an attachment to:

The Program Coordinator will arrange the first meeting between protégé and mentor, and provide further contact information to both protégé and mentor. The Program Coordinator will follow-up with participants two months into the program and at least every three months from there onward. The program starts in September and in March, each running for a whole year. Participants are encouraged to call the Program Coordinator if they have questions, comments or concerns.

Application Forms:

Mentor Application 

Protégé Application

Other Applications

In the case that you'd like to be a partner, affiliate, corporate sponsors or volunteer, skip step 1 and 2 and email the program coordinator directly at


Terms and Conditions:

The information held in the application forms will be kept in strict confidence by the Raj Manek Mentorship Program Advisory Board, the Saskatoon and District Chamber of Commerce, and the applicant’s mentor or protégé, unless permission is otherwise obtained from the registrant. The number of participants in the program may be limited each year.