JULY 2018

What An Iconic Thought Experiment (& The Woman Behind It) Can Teach Us About The Way We Work 

The second teeny peak into The Happiness Advantage (see the first peak here) takes us face-to-face with one of Anchor's mentors and her brilliant science experiment done in 1981. This experiment, though interesting in its own right, also acts as an example to support an important lesson: we have the power to change what is possible. 
The Experiment 
The mystery woman is Ellen Langer, a social psychologist who organized for a group of 75-year old men to live in a time capsule of sorts. The men were given specific instructions of where to meet and what not to bring - namely, they could not bring any materials that were older than the year 1959. Upon their arrival at the set place, the men were oriented. For a week, the space emulated the year 1959, hosting objects & news pieces that dated back to that year, and a group of men instructed to psychologically inhabit who they were 22 years earlier, at 55 years old
The Results? 
Even just one week of pretending to be younger actually had significant effects on these men - particularly, on their aging. When compared to control groups, these men tested better on measures of dexterity and physical appearance.
It became very clear that there was significant power within each human being to affect one's reality. 
If you’re interested in hearing more about the experiment & the woman behind it all, check out Ellen Langer's interview with Krista Tippett, where she talks about her studies, her beliefs and this experiment in more depth.
Why Should You Care?
The point is, the moment we begin to accept something as our reality, we MAKE our reality into just that... If there's one thing that Anchor & Langer bring to our attention, it's this: 
"our mindset, and in turn our experience of the world, is never set in stone" - (Anchor in The Happiness Advantage) 
Whether or not you become one of the greatest successes in your industry, or a gigantic failure, is heavily dependant upon the belief that you have in yourself, and the follow-through (or lack there-of) towards big, harry, audacious goals. 
What will you make into your reality? Ultimately, and without disregarding external forces, this is your choice.