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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the primary goal of the Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program?

The primary goal of the program is to strengthen the local business community by facilitating positive business mentoring relationships. Business mentors provide advisory support to protégés - business owners serious about improving their business performance.

2. How long does the match last?

A one year commitment is suggested. A relationship which continues beyond one year is up to the mentor and protégé.

3. What happens if the match isn't working?

The Program Coordinator will contact both the mentor and protégé after two months to receive feedback of the progress of the match. Both mentor and protégé are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator at any time. If a match proves unsuitable for whatever reason, efforts will be made to find another match.

4. How often should we meet?

Monthly meetings are suggested, however, since schedules and expectations vary, the mentor and protégé, should work out the number, timing, and frequency of meetings at their first meeting, and put those expectations to paper on the "Mentor and Protégé Agreement". Meeting places can vary but we suggest they be held at the mentor's office. A monthly minimum of two (2) hours of meeting time, which includes phone and fax transmissions, is suggested.

5. Whose responsibility is it to arrange meetings?

The first meeting of the mentor and protégé will be arranged and attended by the Program Coordinator. Meetings that follow are to be arranged by either the mentor or the protégé. Effort should be made by both mentor and protégé to initiate and maintain contact.

6. What documentation is required?

Mentors and protégés are required to complete their respective information forms found in Appendix 1. Together the mentor and protégé are required to complete and sign a copy of the "Mentor and Protégé Agreement" and Release of Liability" forms at their first meeting. These forms will be distributed upon commencement of the program. The completed forms can be submitted to the Program Coordinator or they can be mailed to:

The Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program
Saskatoon and District Chamber of Commerce
345 - 3rd Avenue South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 1M6

Phone (306) 244-2151
Fax (306) 244-8366

7. How is the Program Coordinator involved with the match?

The Program Coordinator is responsible for arranging and attending the first meeting between mentor and protégé. The Program Coordinator will explain the purpose of the "Mentor and Protégé Agreement" and the "Release of Liability" forms and provide their contact information to both mentor and protégé. The Program Coordinator is expected to follow-up at the two month mark and at least once every three months to monitor the process. Mentors and protégés are encouraged to call the Program Coordinator whenever they have questions, comments or concerns.

8. Beyond the match itself, are there other events for the Mentors or the Protégés?

Yes. There is an orientation workshop for mentors and protégés. Social functions, public awareness events and media opportunities are planned as well. In addition, the Program will facilitate seminars and roundtable discussions on topics of interest or importance as identified by participating mentors and protégés, on a monthly basis.

9. What happens when a match has reached one year?

The mentor and the protégé may choose to either rejoin the Program or continue their relationship beyond one year outside of this program. In the latter case, the Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program committee will no longer be involved.

10. What is the role of the Saskatoon and District Chamber of Commerce?

The Saskatoon and District Chamber of Commerce will play a key role in the delivery of the program. The Chamber, in partnership with the Raj Manek Memorial Trust Fund, will assist in all aspects of the program.