Mentorship is a non-hierarchical process made possible by clear communication, openness and trust. We provide one-on-one mentorship for a mentor and protégé pair. This relationship is not one-sided, and instead, it is an interactive sharing environment which results in an enriching, mutual learning experience.

How It Works

We focus on recruiting and selecting knowledgeable and experienced business-minded individuals within various industries, to dedicate their time and effort to being a mentor within our program. These individuals act as mentors for less knowledgeable and experienced business owners and/or entrepreneurs who are eager to learn! 

We carefully select each mentor and protégé based on personal and professional goals, values and needs, striving to achieve a perfect fit. Wherever possible, we take into account the industry of the entrepreneur  and aim to match them with a mentor in a similar, yet non-competing industry professional. However, we know that the perfect fit may be different to some. Because of this, we offer our extended services; if either mentor or protégé is unhappy with their match, we gladly re-match the individuals for maximum satisfaction and the best results.

Mentors and protégés will meet regularly each month for the course of one year. During this time, the pair will have the opportunity to share experiences, discuss goals and objectives, problems and solutions, and work together on improving business materials such as business plans.