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Want more productivity? Get a hobby!

The modern life seems to have made us into jugglers, especially when we are running our own business. Do you feel that you are always busy but don’t seem to get as much done as you would like to? Do you want to be more productive? Then perhaps its time to throw that to-do list into the garbage bin and … pick up a hobby.

It might sound strange. You probably think – I’m already running out of time, why do I want to waste more time to do something that has got nothing to do with all the urgent tasks in my hand?

When we engage in doing something that we like that’s different from work, we are actually doing “active resting” – and that helps restore our energy and momentum. Hobbies also actively train the creativity part of our brain. When we use our creativity regularly, we tend to gain new perspectives and come up with different ways to tackle an issue. These newly formed mental pathways often boost efficiency as we come back to our work with a relaxed, refreshed mind.

Spring is finally here, do you feel the itch to leave the office desk and do something fun? I hope this article gives you another reason to go do it!

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