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The Power of ‘No’ versus the Power of ‘Yes’

If you have about 10 minutes, try this little exercise:

With your body relatively at ease – Bring to mind a challenging situation you have, or a question you have yet to make up your mind on.
With that situation/question in your mind, start to focus on the word ‘NO’ for a few minutes … how does that feel in your head? In your body? What sort of emotions begins to arise?
After a few minutes, give yourself a minute break, maybe move around a little.
Then bring that same situation/question in your mind again, this time with the word ‘YES’. How does your body react to it, how do you really feel now?

After this little exercise, do you feel you have a better sense of what your preference is on the situation/question?

This exercise is actually a type of meditation that helps connect us with our intuition.

We often like to take pride of ourselves in making decisions bases on ‘data and information’. Rational decision making certainly has its merits most of the time, but have we put ourselves and our feelings in the decision making process?

Sometimes saying NO is easy because we can stick with the status quo and avoid embarrassment, but perhaps deep down we really want to give this a go?
Or, sometimes it make sense to just say yes because it ‘shouldn’t be a big deal’, but maybe we would really prefer not to take this on?

Honor your intuition, or your ‘gut feeling’. YOU matter in every single decision that you are to make in your life.

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