Be an upstander, not a bystander

Be an Upstander

Dear womankind – How many of you have been described as “difficult”, when you are simply being assertive at work? Phrases similar to the word “difficult” will include “aggressive”, “sounding angry”, or “just a bit too much”.

A road with the words "2020 vision"

The 20/20 Vision

So here comes the new year as we begin to say our goodbyes to the 2010’s.  The optimists with a sense of humor like to say the year 2020 will be a brilliant one for all because we will have the perfect vision for whatever we decide to do this year (i.e. 20/20 vision, get […]

A frog resting on a lilly pad


The Labor Day long weekend is always a bitter sweet one. The last hurrah before the end of “summer holiday” – even for those of us who have left school for many years.

Image of coloured pencils

How to be more creative

We are slowly embracing the idea that “creativity” is a skill that needs to be nurtured through active learning and practising. Books, online articles and videos give out many ways to “become more creative in our lives”. They all seem reasonable and doable; we get inspired and ready to roll up our sleeves – and then we ask ourselves the most awkward question – “so… where do I begin?”

Image of two people talking

Are you really listening?

You and your friend are having a conversation. It is about a personal issue of your friend. You were listening and providing feedback to your friend… and suddenly your friend looked annoyed and asked, “Do you actually hear what I said or do you just want to talk about yourself?”

Have you ever been that situation?